About Al-Misaq Attars

Our suppliers of skilled fragrance creators exclusively utilize the most exquisite components to craft exceptional and enchanting aromas that exude opulence and sophistication. We comprehend the significance of scent in our daily lives and its potential to influence our emotions and state of mind. Hence, our relentless pursuit is to design perfumes that elevate and motivate.

The home of extricating common aroma oils or attars from blossoms, herbs and flavors in India is more than 5000  since a long time.  A part has changed today (Nearly everything), but, You’ll Witness conventional fragrances at Al Misaq attars

Furthermore, since characteristic attars are unadulterated and are inferred from botanical sources, attar moreover have mending properties. So, begin investigating our run of common attar fragrances that moreover offer you a mending touch.

We dispatch our items all-inclusive with major deal driving from districts USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany and all around the world.

We appreciate your decision to shop at Al-Misaq Attars, where we encourage you to browse through our selection of luxurious fragrances and uncover the enchantment of scent.

AL Misaq Attars is a premium perfume brand headquartered in Malerkotla.
AL Misaq Attars firmly believes that perfume is for everyone and we tried to capture the essence of life in a bottle. Our goal was never to create just a perfume brand, but a world inspired by poetry, paintings and stories from the beginning of time.

AL Misaq Attars is equally known for its creative boutique-style stores. a more luxurious hands-on experience of its products for consumers.

The concept of AL Misaq Attars is simple; Our foundation is the belief that there is a perfect perfume for everyone and the collection is a balanced palette of fragrances that allows the customer to find their signature scent.

Packaged in handcrafted velvet and leather boxes and polished crystal bottles with handcrafted velvet box.

AL Misaq Attars are blended with the finest oils and carefully infused by hand – all done without compromise.

Each perfume is packaged and sold in Malerkotla selected by our master with experience in the perfume industry for over 20 years.

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Clients Reviews

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I had an amazing experience at this store. There is a highly attentive and professional sales team! Completely fulfilling encounter.
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I would be happy to suggest this ideal store at all times. They have the most amazing base scents, and their pricing are really consistent!
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On the advice of one of my friends, I tried the base perfumes that this store was selling for the first time. The scents were flawless in quality and truly lovely!
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Their fragrances are amazing, I like it, it was such a satisfying experience after tried their fragrance, overall it was perfect.
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